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About Our Legal Services & Criminal Defense

It is difficult and frustrating to be confronted with any legal process. No matter what your particular situation requires, you need information and, most importantly, you need a lawyer!  Regardless of what you’ve been accused of, we’re here to represent you.

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Our office specializes in the defense of individuals faced with any type of allegation, and there’s no case too large or too small for us. Whether facing a traffic ticket or a murder charge, we provide the highest quality and most effective legal representation available.

When approached by any type of law enforcement officer, it is important for you to know they are not looking to protect you. The goal of law enforcement is to stop, investigate, cite, charge, and get a conviction. When you are approached by any law enforcement officer, whether in a car or on foot, it is important that you are polite and courteous.

It is very important that you remain polite and courteous while they are asking you questions, and above all, do not be disrespectful. Tell them that you understand he or she would like to discuss things, however, you need your attorney present before you will answer any questions.

The most important thing you do after that is to call The Law Office of Ross Smith immediately. We personally handle every case, and make sure every one of our clients receives the best representation we can give.  Our office is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No matter what your legal needs are, call us for a free consultation and get powerful legal assistance now.

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